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These bottom freezer units are infamous for this. what's happening is typically you drop something down the defrost tube maybe a frozen pea or even a single fly will get trapped in there and cause this issue. Some units have a grommet with a slit in it under the unit preventing warm air from going up into the unit but allowing defrost water to drain out this is a engineering mistake on the newer fridges. Clean the drip tray underneath, defrost the unit and take something soft like a long zip tie and a shop vac and go up and down that defrost drain if you can and dislodge whatever may be stuck inside the drain tube. check the drip tray or shopvac after your done and see if you found the culprit. If there was no debris they do sell an aftermarket part called a defrost drain tube heater which is a probe that attaches to the defrost heater and you put it down into the defrost drain tube which doesn't allow the tube to freeze up and create the frozen lake you loathe by now at the bottom of your freezer.
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