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Originally Posted by mignoste View Post
The microwave is a GE Advantium 120, model# SCA1001KSS. It is about 3 years old.

The interior light, carousel and fan run constantly while the door is shut (it is just the interior light/fan/carousel that stay on, not the microwave itself as it does not generate heat)

The light/fan/carousel stop running as soon as I open the door.

Apart from that, everything works fine, in terms of the controls, I can set the time, turn microwave programs on and off, etc. but whenever the door is shut, the interior light/fan/carousel keep on running and won't turn off unless I open the door or unplug the microwave.

I replaced all 3 door interlock switches with new ones and it did not solve the problem. The fuses are fine. I have tried unplugging for several minutes, several times. I have taken the smart board out and re-mounted it.

Someone told me it may be a faulty relay on the smart board. If that's what it is, can those be ordered and easily replaced or are they soldered? And how can I check the relays to see if that may be the problem?

The smart board part number for this microwave is AP3792906 and a new one costs $124.65

Or could it be something else?

Thank you very much for your help.
Hello Steve. I'm hoping you get a notification from this board. The exact same issue happened to our Advantium 120 today, so I started Googling and found your post. Looks like no one replied, any advice? Did you just replace the unit?
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