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Default Fixed the problem

Totally unnecessary taking freezer drawer and compartments off or out. Follow these steps:
1) pull fridge out and unplug from wall.
2) remove lower access panel screws and pull access panel away a few inches.
( note- not much space due to wiring harness going thru panel)
3)just to left of the compressor, you will see a small black plastic water shoot approx 7 inches long. Take an 8 inch piece of coat hanger or wire and bend at a 90 degree angle. Insert wire into drain hose at the top of the water shoot.
4) twist the wire or coat hanger until the water starts to flow freely.
5) put everything back together.

We followed others advice, took out the drawers and loosened the panel inside the freezer but couldn't see anything but the coil. The top drawer is tricky to get out and is not necessary if you follow the steps above.

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