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I'm having the same issue with my Maytag Gas Dryer MGD5700TQ0
It stopped heating on sensor dry first, now timed dry is working intermittently.

I checked the terminals you suggested T-WB, BK-BU, BK-R, T-W. They were all close to 0 except for T-WB, which was 30 ohms. Is this right?

This is at a tenant's house, so I don't have much first hand experience of the problem.

I checked impedance on ignitor, thermostats, and fuse and all looked good.

After I got it all back together, I ran it on timed dry and then the flame ran for about 2 minutes, then started cycling on and off. However there were no clothes in the dryer so this may be the correct behavior.

Does this sound like timer, coils, or something else?
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