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Default Central AC is not reducing humidity
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Hi Guys. Thanks in advance for any advice.

We turned on our AC yesterday. The system is blowing cold air and properly regulating the temperature but the humidity is stuck in the mid 60's which makes it very uncomfortable.

The unit was on about a week ago and was working fine then we shut it off when the weather got a little nicer.

I checked the drain hose from the unit in my basement and there was hardly any water coming out of the unit, which confirms my thought that its not pulling out the humidity. The hose itself is pretty dirty and I was thinking about making sure it isn't clogged. Would a clogged drain hose be enough to cause the system not to pull the moisture from the air?

The system is original which puts it at about 23 years old (I'm saving for a replacement). I just wanted to check in with you guys before I pay to have a tech come out. I'm a pretty handy guy and I can fix most things.


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