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Anybody out there? I ordered the Spark Module (called Gas Re-Igniter on part label), but it did not fix the problem. Still won't ignite on that burner, and if we light it with a match, it just keeps clicking and sparking the whole time we are cooking . Please let me know if you have any other ideas to try.

Originally Posted by Paul Briant View Post
Hi Gene,
I got the parts and installed them. Panel works perfectly.
The part you called "Spark Module" (labeled "Gas Re-Igniter", but it is indeed the part you posted photo of), however, did not fix the problem, so I'm returning it.
When we turn on the left front burner, it won't ignite, but it keeps clicking and sparking non-stop. In fact, all the burners spark. Not sure if that's normal for them to all spark when you try to light one of them.
We can light left-front burner manually, but it keeps clicking and sparking the whole time it's on. It seem like it doesn't recognize that it's lit, so just keeps trying to ignite.

Any other ideas?
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