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Default Kenmore Series 90 won't spin
Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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The washer started "slipping" for lack of a better word when starting the spin cycle. It made some odd noises and would sometimes not start the spin cycle; in addition, the lights would dim in the room. Agitate and drain works fine.

So I took the motor out, and it seems like it has a bad spot on the motor - I noticed this when spinning the motor by hand. The rear bearing also seems worn, as it has some play (side-to-side, not in & out) in the output shaft. I found another used motor (was told it was good) and it did the same thing on the spin cycle. I took that motor out (disconnected from transmission and pump), set it on the floor, and plugged it in. When trying to turn on the spin cycle, the motor doesn't turn. It's drawing a lot of juice (lights dim) and will only turn if I start it by hand. Did the same test with the original motor, and get the same result. I believe in both cases the motor works fine in the agitate mode. Lid switch is not the problem, I had it bypassed when testing.

I realize it's possible I'm dealing with two bad motors. But, is there anything else that would cause the motor not to start on spin cycle?

Oh by the way, I think the 2nd motor is from a Series 80, it's only a 2 speed motor. Original motor is a 3 speed.


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