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Hi Gene, well, we are still at ground ZERO. The display is still out, but, the refrig and freezer is still working. I've went ahead and replaced the PCB assy sub (EBR60070707). That did NOT work. So, as you have suggested, I replaced the main PCB (EBR65002714). That did NOT work either. So far, I've replaced 3 boards: 1) display PCB assy (EBR65749301), 2) PCB assy sub board (EBR60070707), and 3) main PCB (EBR65002714).

I'm running out of 'boards' to replace. I'm running out of options. I'm getting frustrated. I guess I have to keep trying and get it fixed, since the refig is costly to start with.

I think there are perhaps two boards still remaining that may be replaced: 1) PCB assy sub board (EBR65640204)-back of the refrig where main board sits, and 2) PCB asy sub (EBR60388502)-in the front display. Any comments?

Gene, do you have any idea of why the display is still out? Do I need to replace those two other boards? Do I need to worry about the wires too?

Anything that is so obvious that I'm over looking? I keep thinking that there is a reset button or a fuse that needs replacing. Any thoughts? This thing is making me frustrated... Any help will be much appreciated.


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