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Originally Posted by conradm View Post
I am trying to replace the washer centerpost gasket on an older Whirlpool washer. I am using the video, Washer Centerpost Gasket (part #383727) - How To Replace, as a guide and everything is exactly as described except the inner basket will not come off the centerpost after I removed the spanner nut. Seems frozen to the centerpost. I have tried lifting on it and tapping on the shaft at the same time. I am now using PB Blaster to try and break the rust or crud that has it frozen, but still no luck 24 hours later.

Or is there something else that I have not removed that is holding this on?

If not, any other ideas? What happens if I use an acetylene torch to heat the inner basket tube? I assume that will damage the enamel, right?

Conrad, Yes, using an acetylene torch could damage the spin basket enamel.
There are a couple of things you could try. First try pushing down on one side of the tub and pulling up on the opposite side. it's going to take quite a bit of weight/force, and pushing. The spin tub is stuck to the drive block, and the drive block is seated on the spin tube. You could try slipping a large screw driver or chisel into the open slot of the drive block and spread the opening, this may release the block from the spin tube, and you can lift the tub and block from the tube. If no success then try the torch, but be careful, use the torch in the top 1 or 2 inches of the tub tube.
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