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Default Inner basket frozen to centerpost
Brand: Whirlpool   Age: More than 10 years   

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I am trying to replace the washer centerpost gasket on an older Whirlpool washer. I am using the video, Washer Centerpost Gasket (part #383727) - How To Replace, as a guide and everything is exactly as described except the inner basket will not come off the centerpost after I removed the spanner nut. Seems frozen to the centerpost. I have tried lifting on it and tapping on the shaft at the same time. I am now using PB Blaster to try and break the rust or crud that has it frozen, but still no luck 24 hours later.

Or is there something else that I have not removed that is holding this on?

If not, any other ideas? What happens if I use an acetylene torch to heat the inner basket tube? I assume that will damage the enamel, right?

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