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Default Ice Maker Not Working - KitchenAid KSRP25

I also have the kitchenaid. My ice maker stopped working about two months ago.
I have replaced the dual water valve, cleaned out the line and replaced the water filter. The water dispenser works fine.

Before replacing the water valve, I switched the line with the drinking water valve and it dispensed water to the ice maker. For some reason the ice maker seemed to overheat and started to defrost the freezer. You could feel the heat by putting your hand on top of the refrigerator. Since the new valve was installed, water is still not going into the ice maker.

Yesterday I put water in the ice maker and it moved from about a 5 'o' clock position to a 2 'o' clock position but did not dispense the ice.

I'm at the point where I either buy a whole new ice maker assembly and give that a shot or resort to calling a repair company. After replacing the valve, I'm just afraid to spend another $100 and time and still not have it work.

Any ideas??
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