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Originally Posted by Simon / APP Team View Post
Remove the drawer and it looks like the plug is in the left corner. You should be able to put the the plug through the opening at the back of the burner, if not then remove the burner and reinstall it afterwords.

Thanks again for you help, Simon.
I do see that plug in the back left corner. But I am not sure what you mean by the "burner". Is that the back of the entire unit? Or is it the tube that the ignitor is attached to? There is a hex bolt holding on that tube that the ignitor is fastened to but it looked like something I should not mess with.
There is a slanted floor around the bottom below that tube. I removed the hex nuts in front but that wasn't enough to get that floor out.
Is it just a straight shot and the connector will thread down from inside the oven to connect at that plug in the left hand back corner?
Sorry for all the newbie questions - it is just hard for me to picture what is going on here and I don't want to break something. The video shows lots of slack on the connectors and that would make much more design sense than what I am seeing on this Kenmore.
Is "at the back of the burner" where the tube goes into the back floor of the oven?
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