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Originally Posted by Simon / APP Team View Post

You should be able to pull the ignitor's wires through the opening in the rear panel far enough to get to the plug. If not, then remove the cover from the rear of the oven and get to the plug from the back.

Hi, Simon.
I have been looking real close and I swear I can't figure out where to unhook it. I don't see anything on the back other than the entire back cover of the range. No small piece or panel I can see is removable.
I follow the wires back from the ignitor but they just go into the oven floor and there is no slack. I pulled the exposed wire in all the directions that seemed possible but I got no give.
I looked in from the front - behind the bottom pullout drawer and there is a connector visible that looks to be of the right type - but I cannot see how I would thread down the replacement ignitor's connector. It is along the back wall but I cannot see a way to get inside from the back side of the unit.
Is there a detailed diagram available anywhere for this unit?
It seems like it must be a panel on the back but for the life of me I can't see anything removable back there.
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