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Originally Posted by ctsearch View Post
My range is so old that I haven't been able find specific info about it. It is a 30 inch drop in model with controls along the left side.

I have 2 burners that are not working. Tested the burners and they are fine but when I opened up the top I discovered that the wires had come loose from the the receptacles for those 2 burners and the receptacles are in bad shape. The insulation on the wires is very degraded. I want to replace the wires as well as the receptacles. The problem is the wire that comes with new receptacles is very short so I am going to need more high temp wire to reach the controls. I know that high temp wire comes in different gauges. What gauge wire do I need to use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Cheryl I have the same type of unit and was wondering how do u open the top of the range to get to the wiring? I need to do that to check my wiring. Any help or instructions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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