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Default Still did get the answer


This is a 20 year old fridge - so the compressor is the old type and the original relay is a PTC type.

You answered a slightly different question than I asked.

Let's try again.

My compressor is 1/3 HP at least, the 3 in 1 rated at 1/5 HP.

I am going to replace it with the right one from the manufacturer, it is understood and I totally agree with you that the 3 in 1 should not be used at all or short periods of time. But this was not my question.

Assuming the compressor is good and there is no other issue, why the 3 in 1 was able to start it, and then why it caused it to stop after a short period of time and then what caused it to start again?

I am just curious to learn how the HP mismatch manifested itself in this situation.

Can you help?

Thank you,

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