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The hp rating is set by the internal device overload trip point, the start capacitor may be a different value.
There are two major problems with these devices;
1) no thermal overload and the internal overload is not a crisp acting Klixon type
2) The start capacitor provides destructive overload currents to the start winding during power spikes.
This device will provide up to 60 amps of current during power transients. If the transients are close together, the rms power will exceed 6 kwatt! This level is a educated guess as power line inductance, proximity to the substation, use of surge protector, and other factors are involved.
Typically, both windings will explode open and put molten solder on the compressor motor frame, thus shorting it to ground.
This only applies to the modern, fractional hp R134A compressors as they are designed for high efficiency, but with no impedance protection.
I do not even recommend them for the old R12 compressors as they can cause house fires!

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