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I will try that next as switching the burner assemblies didn't seem to fix the problem.

Another piece of information the ignitor switch that went with RR burner was bad. I am also starting to wonder if the ignitor switch that I replaced it with is also bad. I would think the ignitor switch should only latch on at specific location which would be 90 degrees counter clockwise of the resting position. The one I replaced it with latches on at 90 degrees and almost all the way back to resting position. I would think that ignitor switch would only latch on at say 90 degree CCW only else there would have to be another mechanism to let the ignitor know to stop activating. Can anyone explain how ignitor knows to stop working?

Do these switches have a specific polarity?

My next step is to move the switch from a properly working burner, and then trying to use another channel on the ignition module, and checking the ground wire near that burner as well.
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