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It turns out that the realy and run(startup?) capacitor are not readilly available, and usually the whole compressor is just replaced.

I was resigned to replacing the compressor and found a shop that could do it today. It is a 1/3 hp compressor, and replacement cost was $425.00 pretty inexpensive I thought.

The refrigeration guy came out and after checking the compressor windings impedences and for grounding. He said the comressor tested fine and tried a universal 3n1 start device by Supco. The compressor fired right up, and was nice and quiet.

He unplugged the fridge for about 5 min, and plugged it back in while checking amperage draw. No issue he said. Looks great. Buttoned up the back of the fridge and was out the door with $140.00 in his jeans.

Now, after researching these start up devices, there's lots of controversy over them. The right thing to do is to pick up the factory ordiginal parts, and just keep the 3n1 startup device as a backup. Will I? Tough to know. I'll look for a good deal on the correct relay and startup capacitor.
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