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Smile moter just hums

Originally Posted by Petman View Post
Just started happening. Trash compactor works just fine and then on the odd occasion it won't start/move. What I mean is that when I lift the foot pedal the motor hums as if it is trying to start but the compactor doesn't move. What I then do is to take a crescent wrench and turn the drive screws on each side about a quarter turn and then it works fine again. Seems that perhaps the screw gets stuck or misaligned at the top of the cycle. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix? Also, I was trying to get a schematic for this unit if anyone knows how/where to get it? Thanks
Just had the same issue but mine would work sometimes. It turned out to be the centrifugal switch inside the motor. The switch is connected to motor armature and switched a cap into the circuit at startup to give the motor the torque it need to start. I cleaned the contact up and adjusted the leakage and it was good to go. This saved me replacing the motor.
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