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The timer has a drum in it that is rotated very slowly by the timer motor. The drum has 8 cams on it with high points and low points that activate the 8 switches in the timer. Each switch has three contact "blades". That's what the "B" stands for. The middle blade, also called the active blade, is common, the other two are the "upper" and "lower" blades, also called passive blades. The degree per increment is the number of degrees that the timer rotates for that increment. Each increment is approximately 3 minutes but varies due to cam engagement.

So, in your example, R5 is connected to active blade 7 (common), R4 is connected to the upper blade and R6 to the lower blade. As the drum rotates around, the active blade is either connected to the upper blade, the lower blade or neither, depending on where you are in the cycle.

I believe this is the wiring diagram for the U.S. version of your washer. Does it seem to be the same as yours?


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