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Eric , today a friend send me a schematic of the GE washer that might be the one I have , the number is 175D2750G086 , the electrical schematic is easy to understand, although there are some questions that you may help me , the program schematics have a lot of numbers and letters that I canŽt figure what they mean , for example the column B8-U , B8-L , B7-U .......B1-L , what does it mean , in general, could you please explain for example the line

WASH SELECT R5 R4 B7-U is closed for 5 +5+7 degree increment etc
RINSE SELECT R5 R6 B7-L NO CURRENT fo 5+5+7+7.5 degree inc etc

could you put it in plain english . Thanks for any help .Would you need me to send you a copy of the information received for your database ? Let me know how and IŽll do it gladly .


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