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Originally Posted by Simon / APP Team View Post

You should replace the cavity thermostat. It's normally closed. The one you replaced - the hood thermostat is normally open and close on temperature rise to turn the blower on.

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Unit parts for GE SCA2000BWW03 -

Thanks. I just need to clarify with you. The Base Hood TCO (1432 in the diagram) allows power to flow through the unit (closed) & shuts down (open) when sensing excessive heat coming in through the hood vents, etc. The Cavity TCO (1430 in the diagram) is normally open & only provides power (closed) to automatically operate the fan & cool the unit when sensing excessive heat in the oven cavity. Is that correct? And if I had replaced the Base Hood TCO (closed) with a Cavity TCO (open) I shouldn't be getting any power in the unit. Is that correct?
Also, I had disconnected the cavity thermostat (1435 in the diagram) intitally to simulate it being in an open position, but the fan continued to operate. If it were a bad thermostat shouldn't the fan have shut off?
Thanks again.
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