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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Try to raise it to at least -5F. What is the temperature in the refrigerator?

Fridge is 38 degrees F (temp control on 2). I have the freezer temp control all the way off (to the left of 1). I also noticed the freezer defrost cycle continues to work. I can find very little official information that lists a "too cold" freezer causing an ice make to stop working?

I did test the voltage straight from the icemaker molex connector (with the icemaker disconnected) across the black and white wires - and only read 40 Volts? It's not clear if this needs to always be 120 Volts?

Besides a bad replacement ice maker, the only other solution I can see worth trying is to replace the thermostat / control board or the damper assembly? If I set the refrigerator temperature control to off, it does shut off the compressor.

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