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Originally Posted by jstrand View Post
Wiring of the replacment motor. only have four wires (red,black,yellow,white/blue). New motor runs, but burner will not start. Old motor had centifgual switch. The wires are now on the follwing terminals red=5 blue=1 black=2 yellow=6 white=thermal protector. What is need to get the burner to start?
Jstrand, You did purchase the motor kit, presumably,

Part number: AP5272724

Part number: AP5272724

A couple of quick update notes, The White wire(44) is the same as the grey wire on newer models(N), and should be attached to the 1/4" thermal protector tab. In order to maintain the circuit integrity, it's best to use the Electric Dryer (figure 4A) to wire the replacement motor, regardless of gas or electric dryer. The heat circuit on both units is black terminal 2 and blue terminal 1, on a gas machine when the motor starts and is running, the switch closes and completes the neutral circuit to the gas valve. You'll need to recheck and verify that the wires are attached to the proper terminals, and That the switch has a "closed" circuit between terminal 1 and 2 when the motor is running.
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