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Default Is there heat

Originally Posted by denman View Post
I do not know if they monitor the thermistor readings and if they get out too far from each other the board shuts down.

Looks like they may us the hi-limit thermostat to power the motor.

Try an air only cycle.
Does it still shut down?
Is there heat? If there is heat then you probably have a grounded element
re: it has broken or sagged and is touching the case/frame in such a way that it is overheating the hi-limit.

The way to check for a grounded element is to disconnect and measure across it, they are usually 10 to 30 ohms. Then measure from each heater connection to the frame or neutral, both should be infinite ohms. If using the frame be sure to find a spot with bare metal.
This is for a 3 wire hook up with a 4 wire hook up you must check to the frame.
Yes there is heat. Some elemnts are sagging a little but not in contact with metal. It is a 3 wire hook up. I would have to put the dryer back together again to run the air fluff would like to wait till everything is checked inside that can be before putting dryer back together if possible. When the dryer would shut off (turn off) it would sound the beep like the load was done but it would be hot in the dryer overly hot. I will check each element to make sure they are not broke.
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