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Originally Posted by denman View Post
Here are your parts
Parts for GE DPSB620EC4WW Dryer -

It is a GE so I will not be able to find any tech info (wiring diagram etc.) on it.

Do you have the tech sheet.
If not check in the control console to see if it is there.

I am assuming that "shut off" means that the drum stops rotating.

Your readings look OK to me.

When it stops can you restart it right away?
Or do you have to wait a while before it will restart?

If you have to wait then the most likely cause is the motor over heating.
It then trips it's internal thermal protect and you have to wait for the unit to cool down so the protect will reset.
I don't have a tech sheet and there is nothing on the control console. The shut down is that the whole machine turns off but I can restart right away. After it stops when I open the door it smells overly hot. Found this diagram from was trying to get help on that site too and this is what they sent me for the wiring diagram.

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