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Originally Posted by cpcordell View Post
The house was built in 2000 and came with this trusty microwave. No issues until this afternoon.
Reacts normally but does not heat. I hear the relay click when the (I assume) magnetron is supposed to get power but the usual low hum is not present. I tried at 50% power but the usual small dim of the under counter light never happens when the click is heard for it to heat.
Everything else works and no pop, smells, or anything other happening right before it failed.
I did a power reset at the breaker for 10 mins but that was not help -- just a thought it needed a reset since I am a computer guy.

I assume a magnetron here. What else could it be?[/quote

I have the same problem. The H.V. Diode check bad. If it is the magneton,
better to by new MW..
Yeah...We come's on Friday..
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