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Default dirty dishes

Originally Posted by earlym View Post
I agree, the thing is horrible and leaves big chunks of food all over the inside of cups primarily, but food on plates too. totally unacceptable.

We had a service man out who was useless. he didnt even run the thing.

what i found on my own is that the spray nozzles on the rotating spray arms were clogged. this means that the water the machine is pumping around the system is not being properly screened or filtered. I took apart the arms and manually cleaned the crud out of the nozzles and arms. I was amazed at what came out! I had everything from crumbly white and black crud to pumpkin seeds come out of the arms when I back washed through the spray nozzles. I put the arm in the sink and forced water backwards through the spray openings and watched the junk come out the (in) hole. had to be persistent and took about 10 minutes to clear each arm. I will repost and let you know if it worked. I think it will.

Good luck
Just moved into a home with one of these devilish dishwashers. Relieved that it is not just me (it's been 5 years since I had a dishwasher and thought I must be loading wrong or something), but yeah the dishes (especially pots) come out hideous.

My question is: How do you take apart the arms to clean the nozzles? I don't want to break it just yet.

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