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If your wave washer is worn than this is only an intermittant fix, it must be replaced every time the motor starts the wave washer is compressed due to the torque at initial start up the squirrel cage / shaft of the motor springs forward momentarily causing armature flag to just slightly miss breaking the beam and with a worn wave washer it does not have enough spring action left to counter act initial motor start torque the tolerances in the design of the encoder err on the side not causing flag encoder damage thus over time decrease in the counter acting ability of the wave washer to keep the motor shaft encoder flag in the encoder horse shoe within the tolerance of consistent operation.-while in factory test mode while reading blower motor rpm manually turn blower wheel to see if its reading rpm this can be done at anytime before or after starting the test if you only read 0rpm then push and turn blower wheel towards back of motor there will be small amount of play this by design to buffer motor start-up if you see rpms than encoder circuit is fine. Than you need to deal with excessive motor shaft play. IE: wave washer replacement. thank you and I hope this clarifies where I was going with the post "good luck"
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