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Originally Posted by donnat413 View Post
Hi, I just spent a long time reading all of your helpful posts since I have the same problem with my dryer. I just want to make sure that these instructions are the same for my dryer....I notice the model number in the post above is DPGT750EC2WW but my dryer is DPGT750GC2PL. Hopefully the difference is just the color or something (mine is dark gray).

Thanks for all of this info...the repair tech I had come out quoted me $400 to replace the blower motor and claimed that most of it was because the part was $279. After doing my own research, I found the part on Ama* for about 109.00, but this guy refused to let me buy it and just charge me for labor. After spending so much on this dryer, I dont want to spend $400, so hopefully my husband, who is not an electrician, can replace the blower motor and read this thread if he has trouble. Thanks!
most likely just a worn wave washer in the blower motor front sealed bearing race, purchase 2 new washers as they easily fit and ensure armature flag encoder alignment. also motor housing screws loosen on there own over time causing misalignment. sometimes cleaning and tigtening housing screws will get you back up and running if your not confident about splitting the case to get at worn wave washer for replacement. Hope this helps your husband out. netnick
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