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Default re: int. Blower Motor GE Profile Harmony

[quote=denmor1991;799545]I also have this problem with my dryer. I have replaced the transistor - it worked for about 4 weeks, I have "reformed " the wave washer - it worked for about 2 weeks. I think the act of opening the blower motor (splitting the case), and putting it back together is what caused it to work for awhile.
I can't see how the encoder flag and pickup could get out of alignment, without destroying itself, it has to be a tight alignment for the armature to turn.
I don't see how the transistor could work sometimes, and sometimes not work, causing the blower motor to work intermittently.
I guess I will break down and buy a new blower motor and hope for a permanent fix.
Anybody have any other ideas?
GE harmony profile dryer model # DPGT750EC2WW[your correct just (the act of opening the blower motor (splitting the case), and putting it back together is what caused it to work for awhile.) there's an old tried and true method for testing the photo-transistor circuit on the bench with no power applied to the circuit with a meter set to read ohms testing across emitter /collector leads you should see a high resistance value now while continuing to test take a flash light and apply light directly into the photo-transistor horseshoe acting as a (surrogate Ir led) to cause emitter collector to show 0-2 ohms on meter means photo-transistor horseshoe encoder operational next reattach to dryer blower motor connector test circuit if you see 5vdc on encoder circuit at control board means circuit operational but no encoding causing blower motor error: if you get an average of 2.5vdc encoder circuit operational no error. the 5vdc check is telling you encoder flag out of alignment in relation to horseshoe purchase 2 wave washers that fit forward bearing race and lightly grease ensure proper reassembly of motor housing and should test and run like new, my dryer has been trouble free for 4 weeks running, hope this helps out. netnick ]
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