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Let's start from the top.

I need you to follow my recommendations, please:

- check for 240VAC at the dryer's conector block
- remove Blue wire from the heat relay of the main control board (make sure it's not touching any metal surfaces)
- turn the dryer on, calling for heat
- use the multimeter to check for 120VAC first from the relay contact to the ground and then from the Blue wire to the ground
- if you have 120VAC from the relay and not from the Blue wire, trace the blue wire down to the thermostats
- check continuity with one wire taken off the thermostat
- if thermostats are fine, the heater is new and all connections are good you need to check if L2 Red wirer from the connector block brings the 120VAC to the motor switch
- everything checks OK - you have a bad motor switch in which case best to replace the motor
- if there is no proper voltage at the heater relay - check the thermistor. At room temp. the resistance should be about 10K ohm.

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