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Lightbulb Not sure if there really are 2 spin cycles?

Hi, I am new to this forum.
Our washer was given to use so I don't know how it went through its' wash cycles when new. One day I noticed the washer was humming but not doing anything except pumping water out, after several minutes it would go into spin cycle itself. If I opened and closed the lid during the humming duration it would make a clunk sound and then start to spin, but then after it was done spinning it would stop and then spin again. I did not know if this was a normal cycle or if I was just forcing it into a spin cycle because I stopped the motor.

I decided to replace the clutch, lid switch, and motor to transmission coupling. After that was replaced I tried the wash cycles again and it still did not spin.

I remembered seeing a timer chart inside behind the timer control unit, the chart did not indicate that there are 2 spin cycles back to back which is was it would do if I opened the lid . It read fill wash agitate, drain, spin, fill agitate, drain, spin, stop for the normal wash cycle. And fill agitate, drain, spin, stop for the extra rinse cycle. Could it be that there is really nothing wrong with the machine and that I was just paying too much attention to it Thanks

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