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Originally Posted by jimmcnabb View Post
Dryer will not stop running unless the door is opened or we unplug the unit. The panel is out, no lights at all and the buttons do nothing. First starting acting up by not being able to restart it. Then after multiple pushes of off - start it might come back on a run for a while. The time it ran varied form one day to the next. Then the panel went out all together. Now no lights on panel, no heat to gas dryer, light comes on in dryer when door is open, and the motor is turning the drum unless we open the door or unplug the unit.
Replaced the control panel and that did not change a thing.
There is one more electronic board on the side of the unit and when i unplug the five prong wire group, the motor will stop. Still no lights to the front control panel. Any help?
Jim, when you unplug the five wire group (P1) connector, you eliminate power in and power out of the machine control board, so most of the components won't operate. If you're sure you have the P3 and P4 ribbon connectors properly installed and seated on the control board. You could also remove power to the dryer, unplug the P3 and P4 ribbon connectors from the board, and re establish power to the dryer. If the motor runs, etc. the machine control board is at fault and will need to be replaced.

Part number: AP3775548

Part number: AP3775548
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