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I do not and actually it reads just a couple volts. When I take one of the wires off the element and test I will see 120 v. Why is that?
I am not sure what you are doing when you measure the 120 volts.
Is one meter lead on an element connector and the other on the frame/Neutral/ground?
Also was the motor running when you did this?

Motor running, I had the wires off of the element and checked between the wires and frame.

I did not understand completely on your path on right side.
I just cannot figure out why I don't see 240 when going across the two legs.
Is there anyplace where it wuld tell me the voltages I should see across all contacts when running?

"Now for the right hand side of the heater circuit.
BR on the heater , HI-LIMIT thermostat , PU and the contacts of the CYCLING thermostat , red on the TEMP SWITCH , the RD (red) to BU (blue) contacts are closed in any heat mode , BU at TIMER contacts 3 also closed in any heat mode , to the contacts a TIMER contacts 4 also closed, BK (black) to L1."

Are you saying red from cycling therm to temp switch red to temp switch blue to bu on timer closes to bk to L1 is the path? So L1 is hot all the time and the timer closes to allow voltage flow to BU?

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