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Default still freezing up

I am really perplexed, I hope you can help:

I replaced the Main Control Board 241511102. I used a digital multimeter to test the continuity of my defrost thermostat and the defrost heater coil when the Evaporator 5303918284 was all frozen (had continuity)and when it was not ( no continuity) (BTW, the items were connected appropriately while testing). The defrost cycle does not come on automatically.

Also, I know the defrost heater works because when I manually start it by holding the up arrow on the freezer and pushing the down arrow on the frigerator 5 times, it gets hot, i fact red hot.

This all worked the same way before I spent $225 or so to replace the defrost thermostat and the ##$@%%$# main control board. I do not think that it is the main control board , unless the new one is also bad.

SO what else is it?? Any ideas? I have spent the past 4 nights, all of last weekend and a small fortune trying to figure it out and I am stumped.

I took pictures with my IPhone but do not know how to attach them to this message.

Please help me before my wife makes me sleep in the frigerator or buries me in it

thank you
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