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Originally Posted by denman View Post
You may still have a problem with the wiring if this is a 3 wire hookup.

Here is the wiring diagram for this unit.

Here is the install sheet

In a 3 wire hook up the Neutral (white) and the earth ground are the same wire.
So if the machine frame is not connected and a live wire (black or red) should short to the frame the frame becomes live. Touch it and a ground and you will get a shock.

This does not apply to a 4 wire hook up as Neutral and earth ground (green) are separate. so the green goes to the frame and the Neutral is not connected to the frame.

I would check that it is wired correctly.
The white wires coming directly from where my 3 wire power cord attaches (in photo) one is grounded into the unit, just as the wiring diagram shows and the other continues into the unit, just as the diagram shows. I double checked.

Considering it was only serviced once by a professional for a loose connection. And after that had the error codes run once, by me in the past, before cleaning stuck buttons... it's pretty safe to say it's in factory (correct) wired condition with one owner.
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