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Here are your parts
Parts for Whirlpool RF362LXTS2 Range -

See the attachment for the tech sheet.

For broiler element to operate correctly what Voltage difference should I see at the element leads?
You should see 240 volts across the broil element.

tested broil element and got 0 ohms
Something wrong here as it should have some resistance 20 to 50 ohms.
You probably saw 0 because you were using too high of a meter scale so it cannot resolve lower resistances.

tested broil element and it had 0 v when in broil mode
Since the fuse is OK and the wiring is OK then I would say that the control board (item 12 in the Control Parts section) is toast.

Looks pretty pricey, it may not be worth fixing the unit unless it is in very good shape.
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