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Originally Posted by fairbank56 View Post
If it was the lid switch, it wouldn't drain/spin at all, regardless of the position of the timer knob. There are a set of "bypass" contacts in the timer that bypass the water level pressure switch when it's time for drain/spin. The bypass contacts are in series with the lid switch. Both the bypass contacts and lid switch must be closed (and making good contact) in order for drain/spin to work. Apparently, the bypass contacts are not initially closing when they should. This not only kills power to the motor, it kills power to the timer motor, so the timer does not advance any further on it's own. Turning the knob manually a couple clicks is engaging the bypass contacts completing the circuit. Take a look at the schematic on the inside of the rear panel and you'll see the bypass contacts, labled "2" and the lid switch in series with each other. You could check these contacts with multimeter across the blk/wht and gry wires on the timer. When the timer gets to the rinse cycle, the same bypass contacts are used but a different part of the cam on the spool in the timer is closing these contacts.


Is there a diagram out there to assit in this? Im great mechanically but im more of a picture or video guy when it comes to electrical items.

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