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As I said in the OP
From all of the other related posts It seems the gas valve is the next choice but i hate to replace it and find it is something else being it is the most expensive option.
after re-reading allot of posts and looking at information on the web i still think it should be the coils although I replaced them. how often are they bad out of the box? I have over 30 years of electrical/electronic/electromechanical (Navy) repair and have never recived a bad coil form supply. I would really like to bypass all the controls and supply power right to the coils, then manually ignite the burner, and then monitor the flame to see if it degrades. I would only need to keep it open for a minute. If the flame did not degrade as it has been doing, I would know it is not the gas valve/coils.

The problem is the limited tech information available. Its hard to determine which coil is which. For instance is the two wire coil The Secondary Coil, the Booster Coil or the Holding Coil?

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