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Default Inlet Valve

The inlet valve is right behind the lower front panel left hand side. Two screws and a small ajustable wrench and a pair of plires and you could do it in 5 or 10 minutes. Had to replace one myself.
If you want step by step instructions go to http://www.************************..../480317/935753
The first few steps is how to get to the lower panel This could save you a few bucks. They wanted $180 just to walk in the front door to fix mine

Originally Posted by SteveMic View Post
Following up on my own post. The filter on the water inlet valve was clogged. Needed to install a new one. Bosch valve part number 607335. Found the part on an online auction site that starts with "E" for $23 with free shipping. (Half the price that was quoted by the repair company.) Still needed to pay the repair company for the service call. Hope this helps anybody else with this or a similar problem.
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