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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Looks like this part should come with the installation instructions. Did it?

If it did, can you post the instructions please?


Thanks for following up Gene. Unfortunately the part did not come with any instructions, hence my ignorance. Also I was hoping that there would be any markings differentiating the leads but no luck there either.

But at this point I am just going to do trial n error and see what happens. Hopefully I don't damage the ciruit, cause then it will be a bigger headache. I've tried calling various places to get a wiring diagram but they all refer me to the same diagram as the one you provided. That in itself is no help in regards to the part and alot of them just referred me to forums like this to try and get more help.

It is not the wiring that I'm confused about as I took pictures before disconnecting, it's just that the new part has no differentiation among the leads; two are same color Red but no markings. The green lead is probably ground which I will confirm by following a tip by previous user.

In any case, I do appreciate all the help. If you find anything new please certainly let me know before I try my trial n error. If not I'll post an update and let you know how it went.
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