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My Frigidaire model # is FRS26ZGHW0 and is approaching it's 14th birthday. Recently the water dispenser just stopped working but the ice maker continues to work fine, filling with water, making ice, and dispensing. Prior to this I've never had a problem. After doing much research online, reading message boards and watching videos, I've learned my model is different from any of the Frigidaires I've seem or read about. So I think I'm getting close to figuring it out but not 100% sure. One thing I've learned is that I don't have one big water inlet valve unit, but two: a single coil primary water inlet valve on the bottom right (as I look at the back) and a dual coil secondary water inlet valve on the bottom left.

Here's what I know and have tried:
  • When I press a cup in to dispense water, both water inlet valves make a humming noise like they're trying to work.
  • Turned off water, disconnected water supply to primary water inlet valve, turned on water and had a good stream into my bucket. (Also learned for the 1st time that the guy who installed this almost 14 years ago tapped into the hot water supply.)
  • The filter is located in the top right back (as I look at the front) of the refrigerator side. I replaced the filter about a month ago with an authentic filter (not knock-off aftermarket). Took the filter out, emptied the filter cup of water, replaced the cup without the filter, tried to dispense water. Nothing came out of the door but when I removed the filter cup it was full of water.
  • At the bottom hinge of the freezer door, I disconnected the tube at the joint, pressed to dispense water and nothing came out there.
  • Tested the valve coils for continuity. Saw a video that said to set Ohms meter to lowest setting (200) and that if it reads between 500-1500 Ohms then the coil has continuity. If no reading then the coil has failed. I have 3 total coils (1 on primary and 2 on secondary). Tested them all this way and got no reading. But when I set my meter up a notch to the 2000 setting I got readings of 341 to 344 on all 3 coils. So I don't know what this means.

See if this sounds right: I have a good flow of water from the source into the primary valve and it's working fine allowing water to get to the filter. Water from the filter goes to the secondary valve where the ice maker side works but perhaps the water dispenser side has failed (despite what the Ohms test showed). Or maybe the water dispenser valve is fine but there is a problem on the refrigerated tank side such as a frozen line. But nothing has changed in 14 years and never had a problem before.

I'd like to pull the water tube off the water-out side of the secondary water valve for the water dispenser to see if water comes out from there when I try to dispense water but the connector is not like anything I've seen in videos or pictures and I don't want to break it. It's not a quick-connector where you push up on it while pulling out the tube or a threaded nut. It looks like the tube is just inserted into a light blue receptacle that has a little square window-like notch on the side where I can see the water tube. Can I just pull the tube out and then push it back in when done testing?

I'm tempted to just buy the dual coil secondary water inlet valve (part # 218832401) and try it but don't want to overlook anything. Would appreciate thoughts and advice.
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