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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Do you have the numbers from the original part?


Yes it's 19-09-754. It is manufactured by a company called KB Electronics, inc. Model: Kbwc-15. Rated: 5.0A FLA, 14.5A LRA.

Please note I called thermador directly and they also referred me to this part and told me it's compatible with my Thermador Vck-1 model. Original part is no longer available hence this OEM part.

I have a replacement part Diagram which shows three parts listed as Fan Switch: 19-09-528 (414188); 19-09-742; and 19-09-754 (414471). I called thermador and they assured me that all the parts were compatible. I did a little digging but not sure why there are two parts of same thing (414188 & 414471). The only difference i could find was one is a kit, other is just the barebone Switch. One is for one/off for fan only and other one controls speed.

As far as I Know, the part I ordered should be compatible. This whole process is a bit confusing not sure they have multiple parts. I appreciate all your help and hope you can shed some light.
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