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Thank you for the reply, Gene. I know the part in the picture looks different then the one I received, that is obvious to me or anyone else.

However the new part is the one that comes with 3 wires now (2 red and 1 green), a simple Google search of part# 414471 will yield you with multiple sites displaying the way it looks now.

Not sure if manufacturer changed/upgraded the part but multiple sites show same as what I received. If you must; please check websites named re-pair cli-nic or even app-liance zone and look for 414471 and you will see the updated pictures.

Now getting back to my original question, how do I hook it up. Does it matter which red wire connects where. Before it was obvious since one wire was white and one was black, but not so much anymore. I appreciate the diagram but I already had it, and it shows nothing about how I would connect with this new switch and wire configuration.

I guess I can do trial n error but not sure if it would damage electrical wiring. Also can I assume that the green wire is ground??

Please help if you have any more suggestions. I appreciate all the help and thank you in advance.
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