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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Click on the part number bellow and scroll down to the Q&A section for the installation instructions.

The dual infinite switch kit Part number: 12002125

Part number: 12002125

The manufacturer installation instructions are attached to the post.

Thank you, Gene.
However, my original connected wires do not have a single red wire. According to the instructions, we should seprate the double red wire and connect the seprated red wires to P2 and 2. However, the burner does not work when the switch is turned on. According to the Answer you referred to: "The way to hook this switch up is the 2 red will go to P2 and the single red will go to 2. You will have a jumper wire that goes from P1 to S1. " I just wonder that for a single, small burner (as the right rear one in CVE3401B), shall we separate the double red wire and connect them seprately to P2 and 2 or shall we keep the double red wire together and simply connect it to P2 while leaving 2 unconnected? Are we going to damage anything if we try not separating the double red wire on this switch?
Thank you again.
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