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Default Additional information on the original wiring

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I too am changing out the switch, I see some slight differences. I have the following: Red (2 wires single connector), Black (2 wires single connector), Orange, Purple, and Blue. If you can tell me which numbers on the new switch i should connect to with the new switch P/N12002125. Stove model CCE3400W. Thanks.
My original wiring shows: One single black wire connected to H1 and one single black wire connected to H2 (the two look like equivalent of Yellow wires on the diagram). Then one black wire from the indicator connected to P. Double black wire connected to L1 and double red wire connected to L2.
I separated the double black wire and double red wire and connected all wires as shown in the instructions: H1 to 4, H2 to 4a, P to S2, L1 to P1, and separate L2 double red and attach the one from the other switch to P2 and the one from the element to 2. Insert the jumper from P1 to S1. The result is that the indicator works but the burner does not.
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