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Originally Posted by RomanSz View Post
Thank you djwocky..I am not sure if you are still monitoring this post. I looked at the schematic (switch) on the factory diagram of my CVE3401b and its very different then the one included with replacement switch 16023363. I feel uneasy to connect as stated w/o understanding the functionality and differences of those 2.
I am attaching both schematics and any help will be much appreciated (my stove is on the floor and the wife is not very happy :-).
I am new to the thread and do not know if anyone is continuing monitor it. I also have a CVE3401B but am trying to replace the switch for the Right Rear small single burner. I followed the instructions and separated the red wire. However, we can only have the indicator on. The burner remains cold. I tried to see the switch on RomanSz's schematics but it was cropped out. Could I get the schematics of the Right Rear burner? Or someone who has solved the problem could help me out? Thanks in advance.
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