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So the motor is completely unhooked from everything except the power cord that goes up to the washer timer, the pump drive and transmission are unhooked and the motor is free from all drive parts. When I switch the timer to any setting it turns on but is very loud and then turns off cause the thermal switch trips. Once the switch resets it will do the same thing again. I unhooked the motor from the power wire on the washer. Then I tested it on a power cord I made, that is completely seperate from the washer, and it runs just like normal. So the only thing I can think of is that the timer may be giving it the signal for low and high operation at the same time. How could I test this?

I also checked the transmission/drive and it all spins freely with no issues.

Does this make it more clear what is going on?

Do you think it could be the timer?

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