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Default same as topic

Model: Kenmore 596.75509400

This just started yesterday after I woke to find that someone had left the fridge door cracked all night long. I figured that after taking off the back interior panel in the freezer I would find ice caked up inside there, thaw it out, and be back in business. That didn't happen.

Some frost, but no excessive buildup on coils inside freezer.
Damper opens and closes properly.
Haven't taken a thermometer to the freezer, but it is keeping items frozen and making ice.
After plugging back in the fan was stuck so I gave it a boost and it started up. It seems to be running slowly tho. There is no blockage in damper or vents as I can feel airflow through both when I open and close the freezer drawer, but feel no airflow coming through the vents otherwise. Is the airflow just extremely faint?

I think I've narrowed it down to a bad fan, but I want to be sure before I spend the money on a replacement.
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